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Researches and Publications


2019 | Capulanas, photo-reportage on the culture of wearing traditional fabrics of Mozambique

2011 – ongoing | Spontaneous Living Spaces, integrated analysis and comparison of the culture of living in changing urban environments

2014 – 2018 | Dwellings and Settlements in Pemba, survey and analysis of the self-built houses of four selected neighbourhoods

2018 | The Japanese House, studies on the culture of living and the construction techniques of Japan

2016 | World Heritage Sites for Dialogue, research on World Heritage Sites as tool to promote intercultural dialogue

2016 | Tourism in cities World Heritage Sites, comparative analysis of cities approach to tourism and best practices

2016 | When the Olympics land on a Site, comparative analysis of cities approach to global events and best practices

2013 | Jardim Filhos da Terra, survery and analysis of the houses of the favela Guapira II, Sao Paulo

2013 | The houses of Pok Fu Lam, survery and analysis of the houses of the historical neighbourhoodof Hong Kong

Photographic researches

2019 | Capulanas (Maputo, Mozambique)

2019 | Florence views & details(Florence, Italy)

2018 | TRST (Trieste, Italy)

2016 | TIDES, Mozambique (Pemba, Ilha do Ibo, Quissanga, Ilha do Matemo)

2014 | Buthan (Thimpu, Paro)

2013 | HUTONGS (Beijing, China)

2013 | Islands, Chinese Sea (Hong Kong, Macau, Cheung Chao)

2012 | Jardim Filhos da Terra (Brazil)

2010-2011 | In the Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan)


NEW!! 2020, October 15 

Del Bianco C., Pemba: Spontaneous Living Spaces, Routledge Built Environment City Studies short-form focus series




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Del Bianco C., Life Beyond Tourism Movement, in Patrizia Calò and Giovanni Ruggieri(edited by), Abstract Book. 10thInternational Conference on Islands Tourism, 7-8 September 2018, Palazzo Steri, University of Palermo, OTIE - Observatory on Tourism for Islands Economy, Palermo, p. 29, ISBN 978-88-94372-40-3


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Del Bianco C., Surveying Informal Settlements: The São Paulo Case Study of Jardim Filhos da Terra, International Journal of Anthropology, Vol. 29 - n.1-2 (00-00) – 2014

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